Care. Share. Respect.

Care. Share. Respect.

Care. Share. Respect.Care. Share. Respect.Care. Share. Respect.

To Understand Our Present,

We Must Understand Our Past


Our Experience

As a proud son of Goreng Goreng woman Norma Broome and Italian father Pantaleone Sarra, Grant has spent over 40 years working hands on with clients from many different urban, rural and remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 

Stemming from his own lived experiences, Grant is able to facilitate conversations, educate and raise awareness of not only the past but the relevance history plays in our present.

With a past roles in Government and private agencies, Grant gained experience working with 

and within policies and procedures. It was this experience  that allowed Grant to extend his knowledge and experience into his own Consultancy business. 

Grant has an ability to question and challenge the detrimental structures that exist while providing equitable solutions for individuals and businesses that transcends across multiple industries and sectors.

Why Choose Grant?

It is Grants ability to connect and build relationships that allows him to create an environment where participants are willing to break down their bias. Grant uses his own experiences as an Aboriginal man to anchor meaningful conversations, foster respectful relationships and create accountability as individuals.

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